All around the world Canadians are known for their heart of generosity. And when you give to Kenneth Copeland Ministries Canada, people all over Canada are set free…and in more ways than you might imagine!

KCM’s outreach goes far beyond the powerful voices the Lord has entrusted to us such as the BVOV broadcast, meetings, magazine and across the web. Our outreach extends to other ministries—trusted, effective ministries—all across Canada. This is because the first 10 percent of all gross income received by KCM Canada from donations and sales is placed into a special, earmarked fund we call Twice-Sown Seed. In other words, when we receive a gift from you, we sow a portion of it again into another ministry—so at least 10% of what you give is twice sown—it’s twice as effective and will yield twice the eternal reward.

As you know, Partnership means you are a part of what KCM Canada is doing in reaching out around our country and the world through other partnering ministries. As we work together we all have access to each other’s anointing and we all receive the same rewards.

Together with the Lord, we are meeting needs and changing Canada through the miracle-working, eternal equation of Twice-Sown Seed. Here are just a few examples:

  • Your seed reaches behind prison walls with ministries like Daybreak Prison Ministry.
  • Your seed shares love with “at risk” young women through Mercy Multiplied Canada Society’s homes for girls.
  • Your seed ministers and trains youth through Youth for Christ.
  • Your seed comforts people during disasters, shouts out at evangelistic outreaches, teaches children about the Lord and much, much more.

We also send free faith-products to those requesting help, and you’re the reason we are able to meet their request. Your seed is a direct link to many others receiving their blessing from the Lord.

The bottom line is this: When you give to KCM Canada, your gift is immediately and globally multiplied with the greatest of stewardship. So when we say thank you for your faithfulness, we’re not just speaking for ourselves. We’re also speaking on behalf of many other ministries around Canada and the world. Through Twice-Sown Seed, when Partners and Friends like you give to KCM Canada, you’re literally impacting Canada!

Here’s a partial list of ministries KCM Canada supports (UPDATED on April 2022):

  • Alpha Ministries – Evangelistic organization that helps Churches present the basic principles of the Christian faith to new Christians in a relaxed and informal setting.
  • Bible Faith Church – Church in Toronto, Ontario
  • Bill Prankard Ministries– Evangelistic Television Ministry preaching the uncompromised Word in conjunction with providing compassionate aid ministry and evangelism to northern Canada and Russia.
  • Billye Brim Ministries – Itinerant ministry around the world, including a school of eschatology in USA and Israel.
  • Christ for all Nations, Canada – Itinerant ministry and global evangelism primarily residing in Africa.
  • Christian United for Israel Canada CUFI – Canada is a coalition of individual Christians from across Canada dedicated to actively supporting the Nation of Israel and its People.
  • City Dream Centre Society – Runs programs supporting the underprivileged and vulnerable who live in Greater Vancouver, British Columbia.
  • Covenant of Life Church – Church in Langley, BC
  • Daybreak Prison Ministry – Prison ministry to inmates and those affected by incarceration.
  • Eglise De La Victoire Du PQ – Church in Bromont, Quebec.
  • Greater Vancouver Youth For Christ Reaching local youth to make an informed decision to be a follower of Jesus Christ and become part of a local church.
  • Le Chemin – Maniwaki – Church in Quebec.
  • Mercy Multiplied Canada Society – Ministering to women with addictive lifestyles bringing them from bondage into freedom.
  • Message Trust Canada Foundation – A ministry providing amazing resource for churches who have a heart to share the love of Jesus Christ with the hardest-to-reach people in words and deeds
  • Nation at Prayer – Movement to foster prayer across Canada for our elected representatives, seeing them praying and being prayed for daily.
  • New Beginnings Family Church – Church in Calgary, BC.
  • New Covenant Ministries – Local church in Nova Scotia, Canada including TV ministry.
  • North American Word Outreach – Local church in Northern Saskatchewan with missions to the Philippines.
  • Resurgence Initiatives Society – Ministry with a mission to inspire the Body of Christ
  • South Fraser Pregnancy Option – Offers truth and hope regarding relationship choices and pregnancy options.
  • Victory Community Development Society– Missions to Ethiopia.
  • Victory North Association – Affiliated with Victory Churches of Canada, VNA has a vision of missions, church planting & leadership development with the purpose of reaching the northern regions with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
  • Wagner Hills Farm House of Hope – Healing community for men coming out of addictive lifestyles.
  • Windsor Life Centre Ministries – A residential drug and alcohol recovery program for women in Windsor, ON.
  • Word of Faith International Christian Centre – Local church in Toronto, ON.
  • Word of His Power Faith Christian Centre – Local church in London, ON.

Feeding 1000 Families During COVID-19 Crisis

On March of 2020, Kenneth Copeland Ministries have teamed up with one of our local Partner ministry, City Dream Centre to provide 126,000 meals to 1000 families in need.

Partner Ministry Testimony

Below you can watch a video of one of our Partner ministry, Bill Prankard Ministries: