The Outpouring – Canada Prophecy

Prophecy* delivered by Kenneth Copeland on October 26, 1995
Canada Victory Campaign; Hamilton, ON

Oh, they’ve been telling Me you can’t have revival there too, saith the Lord. They’ve been telling Me that for years. They’ve been telling Me for years that people in this part of the world don’t want to hear the Word of God.

But I’m moving, saith the Lord, and that’s being disproved every place, every hour. But in this place, I have picked this spot, this very spot upon which you sit and stand this night, I have picked this spot, saith the Lord, to become a fountain and to become an explosive outpouring that will ­flow from here out into the rest of this nation, out into the rest of this part of the world and then roll and ­flow to the south and fl­ow down through the United States and all the way into Central America, to ­flow to the east, to ­flow to the west, to ­flow to the uttermost parts of this earth.

And people will say, “My, are you part of that group from Toronto and Hamilton? Are you part of that group that’s come out of there?” They’re already saying that, saith the Lord. But I’ll tell you what, you think they’ve already begun to talk about the Toronto blessing, they’re about to start talking about the Toronto explosion. Because there’s coming an explosion. There’s coming a blowout of the power of the living God. And it will ­flow like a river of molten love and glory that will ­flow like a white-hot river that will consume all in its path with the glory and the peace and the anointing and the goodness of God.

So give thanks and give praise, saith the Lord. For there are churches right here in this city of Hamilton that this night forward will never be the same again. There is a beginning here and it will continue, saith the Lord. I’m not going to allow politics to mess it up. I’m not going to allow anything else to mess it up. There are people that still have the idea that they can do whatever they want to and that I won’t have anything to do or to say about it, saith the Lord, but My schedule has been changed somewhat.

There have been times that I could allow you more and more and more time to repent of this and repent of that and all of these kinds of things, but I am now on the End-Time clock. I have moved on to a very tight schedule, saith God, and I am not going to be one moment late. I’m going to be right on time and there are some that continue to want to stand in My way, to resist. Well, I’ll just have to set you aside and move on. But I’m not going to wait any longer. I’m moving by My power and by My Spirit and the whole earth will be filled with My glory, ’ere I come, saith the Lord.

Before the end of this year, before 1996 comes, there will be a hundredfold increase in this area in the healing power of God, in the miracles of God, in people turning to Me that up to now and before now had no time for Me, and in the fl­ow of financial blessing and the power of My Spirit to cause people to have more than enough to do what I ask them to do. Before 1996 comes.

And by the end of the first two weeks of December 1995, many, many, many of you in this building tonight will look at your affairs and look at your physical body and look at your finances and look at your families and you’ll say, “Look, look, look. It’s all come to pass. It’s all changed. It’s all changed. It’s all changed. And it hasn’t been but a few weeks. It’s all changed.”

“Ahhhhhh, but I don’t see how He could do it.” I didn’t say anything about you being able to see it. I can, will and fully plan to do exceeding, abundantly beyond all you ask or think. It’s already started. It has already begun.

So rejoice and doubt not. Stop and do not continue to say, “I don’t know how we’ll ever get out of this. I don’t know how we can ever succeed; we’re so far behind and so deep in debt.” Begin to say, “Well, thank God, I’ll stand in the midst of my dream. I’ll have my needs met and my debts paid. I will walk free and I will be able to do those things that I’ve always wanted to do. I’ll be able to give the way I want to give. I’ll be able to take care of my family the way I want to. I will be able to.”

And you will too, saith the Lord. Now I could tell you some things, saith the Spirit of God, about 1996, but it’s so great you wouldn’t believe them yet if I did.

Praise the Lord. Let’s give the Lord praise and thanksgiving.


*When we say “prophecy” it means “to speak the truth” or “to proclaim”.

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