The campus will be here at our office, in Langley, BC. 

Onsite students will engage in interactive online classes with KCBC Fort Worth. 

*Currently, the program is only open to onsite students. 

The design and construction plans have already begun, so stay tuned for more details.

Located on the main floor of our office in Langley, BC, our Café will be an inviting place for local residents and businesses to enjoy delicious coffee, light meals and more. It can also host local Partners, Friends, and pastors.

The best part is, our Café will have a Mentorship program!

In addition to employing KCBC students, we will focus on providing employment for former inmates.

Former inmates who qualify, will receive positive work experience, life skills, spiritual development, and one-on-one guidance from a mentor – we’re already anticipating lives changed!

Questions and Answers for Kenneth Copeland Bible College Canada

Is KCBC Canada online or in person?

Our program will be held in person on our Langley, BC campus.


Why will I engage in online classes with KCBC Fort Worth, if the Canadian program is in person in Langley, BC? 

Did you know that KCBC has never been offered outside of Fort Worth, Texas?

We are so excited to now offer the same teaching and instruction here, in Canada.

Those who attend KCBC Canada will have the best of KCBC Fort Worth, along with a faith-filled community and the fellowship of other onsite students.


When can I submit my application?

We will announce when we are open to accept applications soon – so stay tuned to our social media and emails for the announcement.


Will KCBC Canada accept applications from those who are outside of Canada?

At this time, we are unable to accept applications from anyone outside of Canada. 


How much will the program at KCBC Canada cost?

KCBC in the US currently costs $1800 USD per semester. We are working to make our costs on par with the US KCBC.


Is KCBC Canada accredited?

We are working to have KCBC Canada accredited.