A Prayer for Unity in Canada

No matter what is happening in Canada—we are called to stay in unity as Christians. Here is a prayer to help you stand in faith for unity in Canada.

The devil is working hard to challenge unity in Canada, and in the Church, more than anything else. But, this is nothing new. Envying, strife and divisions had reduced the early Corinthian Christians back to the natural, or carnal, state that they were in before they were born again. It had so stunted their spiritual growth that they couldn’t understand the things the Apostle Paul wanted to teach them. See 1 Corinthians 3: 1-3.

Satan has sent the same spirit of division among us today. He knows that a house divided against itself will fall (Mark 3:25). He also knows if we all come together in the unity of our faith, we’ll arrive at the full stature of Christ Jesus (Ephesians 4:13). So, he has assigned a spirit of division to operate in our personal lives, our church lives, our social lives and in the political realm. His goal is the same as it was in Corinth: to bring envying, strife and division, and to stunt our spiritual growth.

But we don’t have to yield to that spirit.

Instead, we must stand strong against division and look at people the way God does—as unique individuals. God doesn’t look at color, gender or any other factor. He sees people in two groups—those who know Him and those who don’t. That is the only way we will be divided in the end when Jesus comes.

The good news is—you can resist division and pray for unity in Canada, especially among believers. Here is a prayer for unity in Canada you can pray in faith:

Father, in the Name of Jesus, I thank You for this great nation—Canada. I thank You that it was founded on Your Word, and faith in You alone. I thank You that this nation is blessed because of this foundation, and we desire to continue to live under a banner of blessing through our obedience to You.

Father, I know our strength as believers lies in our unity because Your Word says a house divided against itself cannot stand. So, today, in the Name of Jesus, I come against the spirit of division and strife in the Body of Christ. I cast down every attempt by the enemy to divide believers into separate groups. I refuse to accept the worldview that I must be part of a group such as race, gender, class or any other group. I am a Christian. That is where I stand—that is where I find my identity—in You and only in You.

I bind up the enemy’s attempts to divide me from my fellow believers, and I declare today that I will stand in the unity of faith with my brothers and sisters in Christ. If I have a difference of political opinion, I will humble myself and compare my views to the Word of God to make my final decision.

Lord, help me to resist the influences of friends, family or media that may try to sway me away from the Word of God. Help me to fill my heart and mind with the truth in Your Word and stand on it—immovable, unshakable and firm in my faith.

Father, breathe a fresh wind of unity over this nation. Let Your Holy Spirit dominate every area of our government, our churches, our schools and our homes. Help us, as believers, to walk in love and unity together, so that all may see that we are one and know the power of the one true, living God.

I praise You and thank You for it, in Jesus’ Name.


Scriptures: Psalm 33:12; Mark 3:25; John 13:35; Ephesians 4:11-15