Pastor Rick Renner Talks about His Relationship with Kenneth Copeland Ministries

In this short video, Rick Renner, Pastor of Good News Church in Moscow, Russia, talks about his relationship with Kenneth Copeland Ministries—how it began and what it has meant to him. In 1991, Rick Renner returned to the United States from his home in the Soviet Union where he lives and works as a missionary. He shared his testimony at a small church in New York City. Little did he know that a Partner of Kenneth Copeland Ministries sat in the audience.

That Partner sent a tape of Rick’s testimony to the ministry. It made its way to Gloria Copeland’s mother and then to Gloria Copeland. She listened and became excited that a dream she had to broadcast Kenneth Copeland Ministries’ Believer’s Voice of Victory broadcast in Russian could become a reality. She called Rick and asked to meet with him and his wife. That meeting, which included Gloria and Kenneth Copeland as well as Rick Renner and his wife Denise, began a partnership between the two ministries that resulted in Kenneth Copeland Ministries supporting Rick Renner’s ministry and Rick Renner making a way for KCM’s broadcast to be aired across the former Soviet Union.

“I’m grateful for every Partner that supports KCM,” Rick says. “They should never underestimate the power of their giving. When people give to KCM, their money is used wisely, and it is stretched. I’ve watched this ministry up close. I’ve managed their money overseas. I’ve seen the way they spend money. And this ministry is very careful with their funds. And Partners of KCM can rest assured that when they sow money into KCM, they really are sowing into good soil.”

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