As Gloria sat reading a Bible given to Kenneth by his mom, she pondered her future and prayed a simple prayer…

God, take my life and do something with it.

That was all it took. A tiny prayer of faith changed their lives forever. Days later, God grabbed hold of Kenneth’s heart and he gave his life to Jesus.

Kenneth knew he was called to attend Oral Roberts University (ORU) but he didn’t like school and didn’t want to go. Like many people, he was running from the call of God on his life and then CRASH!

Halloween night, 1966, in Marshall, Texas, Kenneth and Gloria were driving down Highway 59 with their two young children when they were in a massive car wreck. By the grace of God his family walked away from this major accident with minor injuries.

This incident shook Kenneth. He cried out to God, repenting and thanking Him for protecting his family.  Acknowledging God’s blessing, he fully surrendered his life to God’s call and enrolled as a student at ORU in the spring of 1967.

While attending ORU, Kenneth served as co-pilot for the evangelistic team.
Entrance to Oral Roberts University.
Gloria Copeland praying for healing at Healing School.

Amazingly, God used Kenneth’s love of flying airplanes to fly Oral Roberts to his healing crusades across the United States. This opportunity of a lifetime allowed him to be mentored by this powerful man of God and to receive revelation that would transform his life and the lives of millions around the globe.

Kenneth was very comfortable in the air, but soon was asked to do something very uncomfortable while on the ground.

Instructed to pray for the sickest of the sick at the crusades, Kenneth was overwhelmed. He wanted to run and quit but was awestruck, witnessing Oral using faith in God’s Word like a tool to heal.

Faith in the power of God’s Word exploded as a revelation in his heart and he realized that it held tremendous power to change any situation.

Oral also introduced Kenneth to another powerful principle from God’s Word he had never heard anyone teach before.

The principle of partnership.

Kenneth learned about biblical partnership. God’s way for him to share in Oral’s anointing to teach, heal and receive financial blessing by faith. He realized any believer could transform their life through this mighty but often misunderstood principle!

Partnership ignited vision in Kenneth’s heart.

It was only a few short months later, Kenneth was called by God to start his own ministry. A ministry built on these powerful revelations.  The revelation that faith in the Word of God can change any situation and the principle of partnership.

For over 50 years now, Kenneth Copeland Ministries has been marked by supernatural revelation from God’s Word to the Body of Christ. From the beginning, this ministry has been called to help believers grow spiritually by taking them from religion to reality and from the milk of the Word of God to the meat (Hebrews 5:12-14).

“Kenneth Copeland Ministries was birthed out of love for the people and a commitment to bring people The Word.” - Kenneth Copeland

Kenneth Copeland Ministries has been established in Canada for over 40 years now. With more than 35,000 Canadian Christians looking to KCM for powerful, faith-building resources. Over 8500 Canadians are connected to the powerful anointing on Kenneth & Gloria Copeland through the principle of partnership. Together, we are changing lives for the kingdom of God because we boldly declare, JESUS IS LORD!