My, my, what a God we serve! First of all, Gloria and I want to thank our Partners for being so faithful to stand with us throughout 2018.

2018 was the Year of the BIG 18—the 9 fruit of the spirt and the 9 gifts of the Spirit. Because of your faith, prayers and financial support, we were able to minister in these gifts in abundance through our BVOV television broadcast and network, worldwide events, magazine and website, prison outreach, twice-sown seed, and so much more.

Our God-given mission is to get the good news that Jesus is LORD out on every available voice, and to teach God’s people faith. One of the newest voices we added this year was the start of the Kenneth Copeland Bible College™, where we’re passing the baton of faith to the next generation. Glory to God!

This ministry is absolutely exploding with the good news all over the world. It’s truly amazing! I invite you to watch this video to see all that we’ve accomplished together. We have a big assignment to get the message of salvation, in the full sense of the word, not only to the Body of Christ but also to this sick and dying world. It’s a huge job, but we’re getting it done with the grace and favor of God!

What a joy it is to serve The LORD with such faithful Partners. It’s having people like you standing, praying and supporting this ministry who make the life of faith the wonderful adventure it is. We look forward to continuing our work in 2019—the Year of Abundant Harvest.

Thank you, Partner, for believing in us. We love you very much!


Kenneth & Gloria

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