Learn how to do a plank and reset your posture with Dr. Don Colbert!

It’s time for the Church to live in divine health and walk in wholeness—spirit, soul and body! Kenneth Copeland recently sat down with Dr. Don and Mary Colbert on a Believer’s Voice of Victory broadcast to discuss how to live your best life in divine health and wholeness. One of the topics they discuss is the importance of good posture and how to keep your body aligned correctly.


Poor posture can cause a myriad of issues, including soreness and chronic pain, arthritis, poor circulation, increased stress, poor digestion, low energy, and negative mood— just to name a few.


In this video, Dr. Don Colbert teaches how to do a plank and a posture reset! These simple core and postural exercises only take a couple of minutes each day, but they will have a major impact on your health. They will strengthen your core and help prevent chronic back pain, align your back and keep your posture correct.


As people age, they have a tendency to start to slump in their posture. As a result, their energy and vitality fade. However, you do not have to go that route! You can improve your physical health by doing these two simple exercises just a few minutes each day-the postural reset and the plank.


Watch this video with Dr. Don Colbert as he demonstrates how to reset your posture and how to do a plank for both men and women.


When you reset your posture, your vertebrae will start to pop into alignment. You will be resetting and aligning different segments in your back.


When you do the plank, you’re strengthening your core, increasing oxygen and energy. It will keep you strong and healthy, while also helping to prevent arthritis and chronic back pain.


Discover the power of the plank and a postural reset, and begin these exercises today!


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