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Download The Classic Series*, a collection of 8 foundational teachings of Kenneth and Gloria Copeland.

Messages include:

  • “Authority of the Believer” by Kenneth Copeland
  • “Our Covenant With God” by Kenneth Copeland
  • “Believing That You Receive” by Kenneth Copeland
  • “Power to Prosper” by Kenneth Copeland
  • “Faith Like a Rock” by Kenneth Copeland
  • “The Power of the Anointing” by Kenneth Copeland
  • “Dwelling in the Secret Place” by Gloria Copeland
  • “God Wants You Well” by Gloria Copeland

*These messages are in MP3 format. It’s compressed in a large ZIP file (754MB).
A WIFI or Ethernet connection is recommended to download this file.
Desktop computer may also be required to download your file.

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