Christiane Devaud Testimony

Christiane Devaud suffered through a difficult childhood, enduring the loss of her sister and mother that left her “a complete mess.” Trying to fill her need for love and acceptance, Christiane found herself on drugs and involved in one dead-end relationship after another. Nothing seemed to fill the void until one day, a neighbor shared Jesus with her and invited Christiane to receive Him as her Savior and Lord. Her life was completely changed! She is now a KCM Partner, experiencing a new life of faith, contentment and joy.

Sarah Lutz Emotional Healing Testimony

Sarah Lutz was desperate to overcome the grip of the deep depression that held her prisoner. And her husband, Ray, was determined to help her. But all he knew to do was to pray…and pray hard. One day, Sarah felt impressed to watch the Believer’s Voice of Victory broadcast where she heard Gloria Copeland teaching about the power of speaking God’s Word. That message changed Sarah’s life and began her journey to total healing!

Hurricane Harvey Aftermath

KCM Hurricane Harvey aftermath teams continued searching throughout the greater Houston area for Partners affected by the storm. Amy and her family had been in their home 12 years with no flooding. Though they weathered the hurricane, when the dams were released, water rushed into their home, forcing them to evacuate. It was KCM’s joy to bless Amy and her family!

Life Unlimited Outreach

During Thanksgiving, we put our twice-sown seed to work by partnering with Life Unlimited Ministries to provide Thanksgiving meals to our community and share the love of Jesus. We’re thankful for our Partners whose financial support allows us to partner with ministries like Life Unlimited to expand our ministry reach.

2017 Toronto Victory Campaign

There was a fabulous outpouring of the joy of the Lord at the 2017 Toronto Victory Campaign! People were delivered from sicknesses of long continuance and received the fullness of their healing.

​God has showed up and has done amazing things in this meeting! Here are highlights of what God has done at the Toronto Victory Campaign!

Adebisi Ilori's Financial Testimony

“Don’t join in the recession!” Those words the Holy Spirit had spoken through Kenneth Copeland when the United States faced economic downturn, rang in the mind of Adebisi Ilori. Now, his own country of Nigeria was in the midst of a recession. Adebisi changed his focus to the Word of God, proclaiming it over his law practice and local church. He committed to putting his faith into action by sowing financial seed into Kenneth Copeland Ministries. Things began to turn around. While others in Nigeria struggled to keep their businesses afloat, Adebisi’s business began to flourish!