We have made this page available only to churches that are Partners with Kenneth Copeland Ministries. Only the Pastor of the church can make the decision to have the church marked as Partner. Please see below for further information.

  • What is Partnership?
  • As an individual or a church – A Partner believes they are called by God and has made a quality decision to join with KCM to:
    • faithfully support KCM financially as the Lord directs,
    • utilize the resources to mature spiritually,
    • reach out and teach others,
    • stay in contact with KCM regularly.
  • Are we a Partner as a church if we;
    • receive the Believer’s Voice of Victory magazine?
    • contribute financially to KCM?
    • purchase products either through wholesale or retail avenues?
    • pray for the ministry?
  • Not Necessarily!

    As a Partner church of the Ministry, you would have made a commitment to Partner as a church and notified us of this decision.

    As the Pastor, you may personally receive a Partner Letter from Kenneth Copeland on a monthly basis (as a personal Partner) but unless you have notified us of your decision to partner as a church, we may not have you marked as such on our database.

  • How can I or my church become a Partner?
  • To become a Partner personally, please notify KCM of your decision by telephone (1.877.480.3388) or by clicking here – or as the Pastor, if you are already a Partner personally and want to partner as a church and have it listed [click here] to download the form and fax or mail it to the ministry.