When the World Came to a Halt... Faith Never Stopped

Our Response to COVID-19

In March 2020, it became clear that this year was going to look different from what anyone could have imagined. Though Brother Copeland had prophesied a Year of New Visions, Manifest Power and Great Change, the magnitude of changes we would face throughout the world were beyond anything any of us expected. The invasion of the coronavirus (COVID-19) brought the world to its knees, and life as we knew it came to a screeching halt.

While the world grappled with fear, uncertainty and a loss of hope, we as believers had only one viable response—FAITH. Though the road ahead was unknown, one thing we knew was certain—faith never stops, and we wouldn’t stop either. We would do what faith does—look fear in the face, rebuke it and charge forward to victory.

Because you prayed and because you gave, the message of hope and faith never stopped pouring out to the world during a time when many were looking for answers. Thank you, Partner, for standing strong with us against COVID-19!

KCM Canada’s Impact In 2020

KCM Canada's Executive Director Joe Weiss giving a check to City Dream Centre's founder Loretta Hibbs to support food for families.

Partner, because you give and because you pray, KCM has been able to reach those affected by COVID-19 with tangible evidence of God’s love, while also providing encouragement and prayer. Thank you for helping us impact lives all over the world. We pray you will receive a hundredfold return on every seed sown!

When COVID-19 hit, our KCM Canada office moved swiftly into action, making over 9,000 calls to Partners to offer support and encouragement. It also donated $50,000 to City Dream Centre and partnered to deliver 126,000 meals to 1,000 families in need during the shutdown. This increased outreach has led to even more Partners. Additional staff had to be hired to keep up with this growing outreach in Canada. Praise God!

Twice-Sown Seed in 2020: $742,852

In 2020, KCM Canada supported over 25 ministries and churches across Canada through our twice-sown seed. Click here to see the list of ministries we support.

YOU Make It Possible

Everything you see in the pages of this report is possible because you give so generously to the kingdom of God. Every day, around the world, faith never stops giving because you never stop giving. We love and appreciate you!

KCM Canada Cash Expenditure Graph


“Just want to express how excited I am to become a

Partner with KCM Canada. I listen to Kenneth and the

team daily. I am building my faith in leaps and bounds

and know it will continue to grow. I have been healed

twice from learning to stand on the Word. It works!

Blessings to you all and may the Lord’s light always

shine.” –Holly B., Canada

“Years ago an email from your ministry asked for prayer requests… I put in a request for my son [also named Kenneth] to become saved.

I left it there.

This past year my son went through such darkness. He knew he needed help, we all did. One very dark day he was at his end. I asked if i could pray for him. I did. As I did I got this picture of a dragon with its talons in my son’s head. {No, i don’t get these a lot!} So, using what I have learned from this KCM ministry and on the authority of God’s Word, I took authority over that ‘image’. And i saw it leaving, being forced to let go! and be gone! All of a sudden my son gasped a huge breath and said ‘it’s gone, whatever that was, it’s gone’.

Less than a month later he was baptized. Before being water baptized, he gave his testimony to the congregation that he is now attending faithfully.” –Linda, Canada

As always, if you need a partner to agree with you in prayer, please call our prayer ministers at 1-877-480-3388 (6AM-4PM PT, Mon-Fri) or submit a prayer request. Any day of the year, we’re here for you!